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Beachfront hotel in Silvi Marina in Abruzzo

Silvi Marina is among the most beautiful and famous seaside resorts of Abruzzo.


In this section, the memories of your holiday at the Hotel Astor Silvi Marina.

Astor Hotel a Silvi Marina

Easily accessible given its strategic location in the centre of Italy.


Managed by the Menichella's with kindness and professionalism, the Hotel Astor in Silvi Marina has an excellent restaurant service, that will be able to delight you, making once more pleasant your holidays! Our staff will take care about the little Guests with customized menus: a service that makes our Hotel suitable for families with children.

Mrs Cristina, chef at the Hotel astor, cooks excellent dishes from the best traditional national cooking and also regional: thanks to our cooking we can proudly say that the our is one of the best 3 star hotels in Silvi Marina.

At the Hotel Astor you could taste the "Virtù Teramane", a typical dish made on the occasion of the 1st of May; the "chitarra", a kind of maccheroni with meat; the "scrippele 'mbusse", a kind of crepes with soup; the "timballo", similar to the better known lasagna; a lot of fresh fish, the best meat, delicious sweets… To have the chance to taste all these delicacies, you can only come to the Hotel Astor and live this way a really… tasty experience!


Hotel Astor puts a great deal of attention for all its services and also in food service.

Cooking is an art and to be able to meet all is a victory. This is the reason why our staff specialized in realization of savory and wholesome dishes, to meet unusual tastes, like as vegetarianism, or to meet food intolerance like as celiac disease.

The interest about vegetarian diet increased in the last years, because of ideology or belief that it's a particularly effective diet. Vegetarianism helps to decrease the risk of some diseases, avoiding meat and fish, but this situation doesn't mean we eat with less taste. In fact there are so many dishes of vegetables that offer an intense and satisfying gastronomic experience and in our hotel we use all the products the Abruzzo territory makes available in large and high quality.

Instead, celiac disease is a food intolerance that forces people to avoid certain foods that contain gluten, like as bread, pasta, pizza and cookies. Only in Italy this disorder affects 1 in 100 people, and so it's inevitable a particular flexibility in making gluten-free dishes.

Even in the case of celiac menus, our chefs invent imaginative and tasty recipes, to make pleasant and satisfactory meals to our customers

In recent years, the spread of gluten free food grew exponentially and the chefs tried to use it in the tastiest way.

If made with the right ingredients, now celiac can eat also that food potentially dangerous to their physical, enjoying simple but also elaborate recipes. The kitchens of Hotel Astor are available every customer who have special dietary requirements, because we want you have the most unforgettable holiday from every point of view.

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We spent a week at Astor with family (two adults and two children) and we felt really good! The owners are very hospitable
The hotel is a few meters from the sea and it was very convenient to me, furthermore the owners are very kind and always helpful.
We spent a week in this beautiful hotel, the room was very spacious and airy, the big balcony was wonderful.
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